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The Occasion of Drinking Wine

May 19th, 2014 by

I don’t think I ever expected to be wine inspired by Eddie McGuire but he was recently quoted as saying “It’s there to be drunk. If you have good food, wine and conversation, that’s the trifecta of life” and I think that as a statement is ‘right between the posts’. For me one of the great things about wine is that a really special bottle of wine absolutely must be shared. I guess by that I mean the consumption of wine in itself can be enjoyable but for a bottle of wine to actually bring joy then this requires good company to share the moment. And if you combine that with good food as Eddie says “that’s the trifecta”.

What I find really amazing is thinking about these occasions on reflection because so often my friends and I describe that occasion with terms like “oh that was the night we drank…..”, and to that end wine has the ability to actually ‘mark’ a moment. In fact if the wine is in itself special then simply opening and sharing that wine can make an otherwise ordinary moment something that everyone present will remember. It might sound strange but I’m not a fan of opening super special wine on super special occasions because quite frankly no matter how good the wine is it will never be as memorable as the birth of your child, your wedding day, winning Lotto or Fremantle winning the flag (one day). My preference is to celebrate those special life moments with the people that are closest to me and use those super special bottles in the cellar to turn an otherwise ordinary occasion into something those same people will remember.