The inspiration for this wine is the Italian wine style known as Amarone which is made in Veneto. The Amarone wine style uses the same grape varieties as Valpolicella but the grapes are harvested and dried on straw mats such that the berries shrivel and concentrate prior to being made into wine. This laborious process produces a wine with intense ripe fruit flavours, roundness and power. Lacking the traditional varieties of Corvina and Rondinella we have taken the process and applied it to the great Australian red variety Shiraz – we think it is a perfect match.

$40.00 / bottle

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This is a ‘very’ full bodied wine with powerful sweet fruit that displays intense red fruit and cedary oak characters with hints of cherry and black jubes. The tannins are big and obvious, but surprisingly soft, velvety and textural.
The Shiraz grapes are grown at the northern end of Margaret River. At the desired ripeness the canes on the vine are ‘cut’ thus effectively separating the bunches from the vine. The grapes are then left to hang on severed cane to ‘dry’ for a period of 2 weeks whereby the berries shrivel concentrating the flavor, colour, tannin and acidity. After drying the grapes are harvested and crushed into small open fermenters and fermented on skins for 12 days before pressing. After a short period of settling in tank the wine is transferred to French oak barrels with 40% being new and the balance 2-3 year old. The wine is then matured in that oak for a period of 12 months.


Margaret River


very deep red with a red purple hue


The wine displays lifted raspberry, black jubes, dark fruit and redskin characters with hints of floral, vanilla bean and attractive oak.