We are not sure if Sparkling Vermentino is crazy or genius. It is most definitely a unique wine style which we believe shows great promise and is an interesting and fun alternative to traditional sparkling wine. While this variety is not normally used in this way it does have a good flavour at low alcohol, crunchy natural acidity and displays delicacy and persistence which are the sought after properties for quality sparkling wine. We think the final product is quite unique and perfectly reflects the Marq ethos.

$35.00 / bottle

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The palate is fine, chalky and crisp with a delicate mousse, great flavour and acid drive. The wine displays citrus, pear and green peach flavours with notes of brioche and rockmelon with a long refreshing mineral finish.
The Vermentino grapes are grown in the north of Margaret River. The base wine is made from grapes picked early to ensure a lower alcohol which is crucial for sparkling wine. They are then crushed, pressed gently and the clarified juice fermented in stainless steel tanks at cold temperatures. After clarification and stabilisation the base wine is then bottled with an addition of sugar and yeast. Over a period of 6 weeks the yeast consume all the sugar making CO2 gas, thus creating bubbles. The wine then ages on yeast lees for a year where the yeast add their own unique flavours to the wine. Finally the bottles are inverted, riddled, disgorged, corked and packaged ready to 'pop' and drink.


Margaret River


Light green straw with persistent fine bubbles.


Pretty and lifted aroma of pastry, lychee and bath salts with hints of lemon ring, white flowers and green apple.

Alc Vol